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About Us

Immanuel is a diverse, multi-generational people who love God, one another, and our community. We hope that when you walk in our doors, you can echo what so many before you have said - 'this feels like home away from home.' Whoever you are, and wherever you are in your faith journey, you are welcome here!

We strive to...

Keep Jesus as Our Center

We want to live, teach, and become like Jesus Christ in all we say and do.  Our relationship with Jesus will be reflected in our love for God, ourselves, and our neighbors. We want to know what Jesus really taught, and live this out into our communities and world. 

Be Welcome, Open, and Inclusive of All

We hope that everyone who walks through our doors experiences the love of God and knows they are welcomed, loved, accepted, and included by our church community.


“Above all, love each other deeply"  - 1 Peter 4:8

Embrace Our Own Diversity!

In an ever polarizing world, we have learned to accept the fact that just like a family, we won't always agree. It's not uncommon to find yourself sitting next to someone in worship who voted differently than you, holds different beliefs than you, and even finds themselves in a very different salary bracket than you. We are rich and poor, ethnically diverse, young, and old, theologically traditional, and theologically progressive... you get the point! We believe this is one thing that makes our church unique. Even in our differences, you are welcome to join our diverse community of faith, as together we promise to walk with you in your own faith journey just as you are!”

Our vision for the future is...

To Love Our Neighborhood Well

Whether it is our neighbors at East Carolina University, or in the Greenville area, we hope to build meaningful relationships and serve the spiritual, relational, and physical needs of the community around us.

To Empower the Next Generations and Empathize with Our Young People

We want to empower our young people in leadership roles and support their gifts and talents in the church and community.

We want our church to be a safe place for hard questions and difficult conversations.

To Prioritize Young Families, While Continuing to Care for All Ages

While we care for every age demographic, we want to be intentional about investing into the spiritual and relational needs of young families.